Our talented caricaturist can render a persons portrait in fun and creative situations in less than 5 minutes! the artwork created will make a unique memento and take home gift of your event for you and your guests!  

Our exclusive Airbrush Graffiti Artists can take almost any item imaginable and turn them into amazing works of art allowing guests to choose from a variety of set designs. Our Graffiti artists create unique and personalised take home gifts for ALL guests. 


Our shows and performances are sure to keep guests entertained at any event! With and endless list of a variety of shows and performances is a perfect way to add a touch of WOW to any event.


Whether it’s keeping your guests entertained  during cocktails or mingling with your guests,  ICE Events have a roving entertainer for every  event and every theme! From belly dancers to  comic fortune=tellers, strong men, stilt walkers  and contortionists – the list is endless!! Talk to us about roving  entertainment to suit your event.


Keep Calm and Glitter Bomb EVERYTHING!!
Our Glitter Bomb artists will have your guests  looking sparkling and spectacular as they  transform your party into a colourful explosion  of wearable hair and face glitter!


A hair decorator will keep all guests at your  event entertained. Decorating guest’s hair with  brightly coloured synthetic hair, you’ll be  delighted to see splashes of colour through  guest’s hair as they dance on the dance floor.


Add a touch of colour to your event with an on  site nail artist. Watch as all your guests have  their fingernails transformed into works of art  with a variety of unique designs. 


Ensure all your guests have a unique  experience and get involved in all the fun with  custom temporary airbrush tattoos that  compliment your event theme. Guests will be  amazed as their favourite designs both big and  small come to life on their skin in either neon,  metallic, traditional and our new glitter and glow in the dark coloured paint!


The return of classic instant photography is here with our instant polaroid cameras! let your guests experience the thrill of shakin' like a polaroid picture as your event with our fun and quirky cameras! 


Our Photo Magnets are a creative way your  guests can remember your event for years to  come! Our professional photographer mingles  with guests while taking a variety of  photographs, which are printed on take home  fridge magnets. A themed frame to suit you  event will provide a daily flashback and a  constant reminder of the good times had. 


Our Insta Printer allows your guests to be involved in the photography action and is easy as Snap – Tag – Print! Simply select a hashtag for your event, tell your guests to tag their photos when uploading to Instagram and our Insta Printer will do the rest!


Capture all the special memories of your event in a fun and unique way with our open Photo Booth. your guests will have a ton of fun switching between creative props as a series of 4 images are taken and printed on to two individual strips in either black and white or colour! all photos are provided on a CD at the end of the night. 


Our 100% virtual interactive projector is great for all events big or small and perfect for all ages!  Play soccer with a virtual ball or manoeuvre  your race car around the track - all by body and hand movements. With a choice of 5 games  from over 30 options, there really is no limit to  the fun your guests can have Magik Motions. 


Let your guests creativity flow when their photo is taken and it appears on a giant interactive  screen. With digital spray cans, custom graphics and stencils your friends will be in total awe as  they create a masterpiece of their own. A copy  of their artwork is printed once complete  providing a great souvenir of a fun filled night. 


The Voice, The X Factor, Australia's Got Talent - Move over we have discovered the next greatest pop star! Using green screen technology, you and your guests will be the stars on stage as you sing to you favourite tracks and record your own video clips! with hundreds of songs to choose from, Pop Stars Live is guaranteed to create some truely memorable experiences with guests walking away with a personalised DVD of their experience. 


Bopping Heads is a hilarious and entertaining activity utilising green screen technology. watch your guests "bop" their heads along with a variety of music options as their larger-than-life heads are superimposed onto the bodies of famous band members and dancers. best of all your guests receive a DVD recording of their performance!


We are now taking Flip Books to the next level with the use of green screen technology! With hundreds of backgrounds and videos to choose from, the options are endless! The short videos are transformed on the spot to create your very own personalised flip book to take home as a great memento of your special event!


Our ICE Events Party Starters are sensational with guests of all ages! Interacting and encouraging guests to get on the dance floor, our Party Starters know how to create and maintain the ultimate party atmosphere. Limbo, skipping, hula hoops and dance competitions, our party starters will ensure guests dance the night away. 




Our interactive ICE Cool Dancers choreograph and perform a mind-blowing dance performance that will amaze your guests and create an enthusiastic atmosphere. Our professional and talented group of dancers can teach you and your guests an energetic routine, style and costume themselves to compliment your event theme and can interact and involve all guests at your event. Further options available with fewer dancers.

Interactive DJ's


ICE Events Interactive DJ’s know how to create the essential elements for a successful event - fantastic music and non-stop dancing!  Our interactive DJ’s are incredible at delivering a specialised and personalised event playlist. Assessing the mood and atmosphere of your event, our DJ’s will provide exactly what you and your guests want at your event.Our Premium Package Includes two Interactive DJ’s - One focused on music allowing the other to interact and engage with guests on the dance floor. This has been hugely successful at previous ICE Events

Party Starters

Choreographed Dancers

Pocket flip books

Bopping heads

Interactive DJ's


Magic Photo Studio takes your standard photo  booth to a whole new level. Our professional  photographers use green screen technology to  create fun fantasy photos of your guests and  superimpose their image to appear next to a  Ferrari or on their favourite magazine cover.  With hundreds of backgrounds the options are  endless.

Magic Photo studio

Pop Stars Live

Virtual Graffiti Wall

Magik Motions

Photo Booth


Photo Magnets

Polaroid CamerAS







airbrush Graffiti artist


ICE Events are certainly not limited to only these activities listed. Should you have any further ideas or come across other forms of entertainment you feel will enhance your event please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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